A sanitized and safe room

- Your room, in addition to the cumbersome cleaning operations that have always been envisaged by the highest standards of Hotel Antoniano Terme, will be now delivered to you after a complete sanitization operation. From now on, it has a safe room that will be used only by you. Our service staff can only enter it equipped with the devices required by the Hotel Antonianos operating protocol.


The safety distance


- We ask you to respect the safety distance of at least of 1 meter from all other customers other than your roommates or family members in any common environment.

- Talk to our collaborators without any fear but keep the safety distance.

- For information at the reception areas , cure / bar / hall and spa , always approach by keeping a distance of one meter. The staff will be equipped with mask , goggles, visor or breath protection, as required by the operating protocol.

- For various drinks , always wait for our employee to bring you the check ( debit document ), sign it safely with the pen that our employee have previously sanitized.




- Maintain excellent hand hygiene by washing them often with soap ( and water), always use the sanitizing gel dispensers that you will find inside the hotel in the treatment department , spa , bar and in the swimming pool area. Avoid touching your eyes , nose and mouth with your hands.

- In closed areas , always wear community mask or the surgical mask that was provided in the courtesy kit.


Personal protective equipment:


- When you access the treatment department or spa, while waiting, always wear the surgical mask that was provided In the courtesy kit.

- For some treatments it is expected that you can remove the mask , the staff who takes care of will tell you when you can remove it or put it back.

- I the swimming pool, restaurant and bar, you can remove the mask but respecting the safety distances. You always occupy the same sunbed assigned to you by the lifeguard or the waiter.

- At the restaurant and bar, please sit at your table and wait until the waters will serve you. We advise you to always use the mask even where it is not mandatory, it is a good habit.


Use and change of personal equipment:


- Do not leave used masks or tissues in common places. Use the small containers that you will find, clearly visible and at your disposal.

- When you remove the mask, never place it on tables or chairs but put it in your bag or pocket.


Cure and Spa department


- Read the information at the treatment department, there are some simple rules to follow.

- During the first medical examination for access to the spa treatments, our doctor will check if they are not contraindications to the therapies and will give you an advice on the treatments that you need.

- Upon arrival, you will find a kit with a surgical mask in your room , wear it for your safety.

- The treatment department, spa , cabins, waiting areas as as normal cleaning operations between one treatment and another are sanitized every day during the closing hours.

- All health, spa and wellness treatments take place exclusively with individual access to the treatment rooms.

- As a precaution we have decided to suspend the steam jet inhalation, the use of the cave and the use of the Turkish bath ( Hammam ). Steam can be a source of virus transmission.




- The temperature at the source of thermal water of our pools together with the normal filtering, chloration and disinfection processes make it a safe place. The water aerobics courses continue, we ask you to keep the safety distance that the instructor will indicate.

- The Kneipp path is a safe area, always respect the distance!


Kitchen Bar and Restaurant


- All our staff in contact with food use gloves and masks during the processing phases and the food is preserved in the most absolute and rigorous compliance with the hygiene and health standards.

- During all meals including breakfast , the waters will always serve you.

- Our chefs have created innovative menus , a joy for the eyes.

- We don't want to give up for traditional moments of conviviality, music evenings, welcome aperitif, wine tasting are pleasures that we will continue to offer, we only ask you to sit back, relax and enjoy your stay.


Common areas


- Whenever the weather permits, for every moment of conviviality and for sports activities, we will always privilege the use of our large outdoor spaces.

- In the spaces around swimming pool, both indoor and outdoor, in the waiting rooms, in the treatment department, at the spa, in the restaurant, in the large halls and in the open spaces, the furniture the deckchairs, the tables and the seats have already been willing to guarantee maximum privacy and correct distancing to all.


His health during the stay :

If you have one of the following symptoms while you are in your room

Feeling of having fever, coughing, difficulty breathing


- Immediately isolate yourself in your room and notify the reception, if he/she is accompanied, stay with his guest while maintaining the safety distance from him.

- If your guest is not currently in the room with you, notify him of the problem and tell him to immediately inform someone of the staff. If you are not able to reach him by phone, immediately notify the reception to contact him, we will take care of both.

- Put on the mask immediately

- Avoid the contact with other people.

- Open the window

- Close the air conditioning if you are using it.

- Our staff will give an immediate assistance according to the procedures set out in Hotel Antoniano protocol.


If you have one of the following symptoms while you are in your room

Feeling of having fever, coughing, difficulty breathing


- Do not go up to your room but go immediately to the reception wearing your own mask and keeping the safety distances from each hotel’s guest as well as from the staff.

- If accompanied, help to reproach his roommates .


Our staff is trained on all the procedures to be implemented in the event of an emergency

- Our staff are by your side at all time, to give you advice and protect you. We have invested heavily in your safety and that of our employees. To improve your safety, we have modified some of our services and created new ones. We have temporarily changed our policies by significantly reducing the number of guests in the hotel. We are sure that, also thanks to your and you're collaboration, we could make your stay safely and without any renunciation.

- “However we must inform you from now on that uncooperative behaviors that harm the right of health of the other guests and our staff cannot be tolerated. Not respecting the simple rules of coexistence described means violating the rules of law imposed by the Italian state. Any violators will then be immediately reported to the competent authorities.”


Thanks for choosing Hotel Antoniano Terme and we wish you a pleasant stay

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