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Particular care is given to the cuisine, simple, genuine and tasty, with traditional dishes revisited by the skilful imagination of our chef and his staff, a totally new crew from October 2019 to rediscover the excellence of Italian cuisine.

The heart of Italy is concentrated in foods with intense aromas and broad taste. The experience at the table becomes a passionate culinary journey, made of soft atmospheres and authentic flavours that lead to distant memories.

Using zero-kilometre products, the restaurant's delicious menus are distinguished by the freshness, seasonality and territoriality of the ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes. In fact, they mostly come from our province and region.

Our pastry chef Mara will delight your palate with passion, professionalism and high quality, with the joy of creating moments of pleasant sweetness.

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A little bit easy-chic bistro, a little bit sophisticated, our bar is dedicated to those who love to taste refined cocktails of excellent quality, explore new flavours through selected whiskey, rum and gin, discover and experience elegance, delicacy and passion for cocktails.

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