Thermal Park

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In door & out door pool:

  • Lenght - 20 metri
  • Deph - 1 metro - 1,20 metri
  • Water temperature 34° - 36°C

Whirlpool swimming:

  • Lenght - 25 metri
  • Deph - 1 metro
  • Water temperature 30° - 32° C

Olympic pool

  • Lenght- 33 metri
  • Deph - 1 - 2 metri
  • Water Temperture - 26° - 28° C

Pool of diving

  • Lenght - 14 metri
  • Deph - 1,5 metri - 4,5 metri
  • Water temperature 24° - 26° C

Gym & Fitness


“Well-being holidays” means also to keep yourself fit and we of Hotel Antoniano of Abano Montegrotto know how to let you keep fit with the right training or let you regain the physical shape.

We have an equipped modern gym Technogym at your disposal every day with fitness programme and trainer. But our offer for physical activities doesn’t finish here, because we have also the Olympic swimming pool, tennis courts (indoor and outdoor) and the Euganean Hills that offer a spectacular open sky gym.

Sauna Filandese


The original sauna, born in Finland 900 years ago. The internal temperature is between 80 ° and 90 °, while humidity does not exceed 20%. The sauna causes very high sweating and perspiration of the skin. The correct way to practice it is to alternate the stay in the sauna (maximum 15 minutes) with baths in cold water or cold showers.

Turkish Bath


The Turkish bath or hammam has a temperature between 35 ° and 50 °, while the humidity is stabilized between 90 and 100%. The heat is diffused through the nozzles that push the water vapor from the bottom upwards. The high level of humidity allows a rapid elimination of toxins.

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